(Seth Rogen/Instagram)

This Hollywood actor may have made it big in LA, but has endless love for his birthplace – and isn’t afraid to shout it from the rooftops!

Or the Twitter-verse, to be more precise.

For the whole week after Canada Day, Vancouver-native Seth Rogen took to Twitter to talk about one thing: Canadian cuisine.

To kick off his foodie tweet binge, Rogen RT’d a New York Times article titled “The Nanaimo bar is a tremendously sweet, no-bake layered bar cookie from Canada”.

Clearly, he wasn’t a fan of how left out any mention of Vancouver Island, so Rogen decided to give us a shout out himself:

“It’s actually from Nanaimo which is a town on Vancouver Island, which is where the ferry arrives when you leave Vancouver,” he writes. “This is a strange headline. But these things are fucking delicious.”

The reminiscing didn’t end there.

Rogen also replied to Twitter user “PortMoodyGuy” who posted photos of a Caesar, Nanaimo bars, Kraft dinner, and poutine, with the caption “One gotta go”.

Of course, the actor wasn’t having any of it.

“This is fucked up. Caesars are too good to go and the only good use of Clamato. Nanaimo bars are great. Kraft Dinner raised me. And Poutine is objectively delicious,” he wrote.

His next Canadian food shoutout was unprompted by any other tweet.

This time, Rogen shared a nostalgic tidbit from his childhood when he used to consume an all-you-can-eat dish that was only available in Canada.

“When I was a kid in Vancouver, McDonald’s had pizza, and on Tuesdays they had all you can eat pizza. I think about this a lot. That’s all.”

Unfortunately McDonald’s pizza is not a thing anymore, but maybe the fast food chain will take note of Rogen’s deepest desires!

In the meantime, we’re going to go gorge on some Great White North cuisine…