After experiencing a mixture of sun, clouds, rainbows, and the highest amount of rainfall in years, Victoria is set to see 7 straight days of sunshine this week.

Starting today, Environment Canada predicts that the region will receive a week of clear blue skies and star-filled nights.

For those who are looking for a day at the beach, temperatures in Victoria are expected to hit a balmy 24°C this weekend and is predicted to hold until Tuesday of next week. On Wednesday, temperatures will dip slightly to 22°C before rising again to 24°C on Thursday.

(Image / Environment Canada)

The predicted week of sunshine is welcome news for the city, which has just experienced one of the wettest Julys in years.

According to Environment Canada, the rainfall in the first two weeks of July have already exceeded the monthly average for the city.

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In Victoria, the average total rainfall for the entire month of July is 17.9 mm. In the first 19 days of the month, the city has already received 22.8 mm.

“I’m sure everyone has noticed that it’s been a June-like July so far,” said Environment Canada meteorologist Chris Emond.

“It’s been cooler and wetter than it might typically be in the first half of July.”

The amount of rainfall Victoria has received so far this month is nearly the same amount as the past four years combined. In 2018, there was only 2.2 mm of rain all month, in 2017 there was barely “a trace”, in 2016 there was just 13.6 mm, and in 2015 there was a total of 10.8 mm.

But, with a week of hot days in Victoria’s forecast, it’s time to take advantage of the sunny weather and take off those jackets and put on some sunscreen!