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(Image / Perverted Ice Cream Facebook)

Victoria’s newest and kinkiest ice cream parlour officially opened its doors last weekend, and their deep and delicious flavours have been a huge hit!

First launched in Vancouver, Perverted Ice Cream has opened its first Victoria location right along the city’s inner harbour on Humboldt Street across from the distinguished Fairmont Empress Hotel.

The locally owned and operated ice cream parlour is best known for its delicious ice cream flavours, black activated charcoal ice cream cones, and cheeky sensual ice cream names.

After all, how could you say no to a Beg For S’more ice cream cone, featuring decadent chocolate ice cream, cocoa, chocolate sauce, a graham cracker, and a large toasted marshmallow.

PLAN FOR TODAY:1. EAT ICE CREAM2. BE SEXY(Same as everyday 🤷🏻‍♀️🍦) #notvanilla…

Posted by PERVERTED on Tuesday, July 23, 2019


However, there’s more to Perverted Ice Cream than just fun innuendos.

According to the parlour’s co-owner Suzanne Serwatuk, the brand deals with what it truly means to be “perverted”.

“The definition of perverted is ‘having been corrupted or distorated from its original meaning or state’”, Serwatuk told Victoria Buzz.

With that definition in mind, the ice cream parlour supports women entrepreneurs and women’s sexuality while subverting the status quo.

“I personally just fell in love with the whole concept because it seems like the perfect time for women to own a company called Perverted, where the definition doesn’t just have to be about sexual innuendos.”

“I had no idea Victoria was so ready to get Perverted…”

While Victoria may seem like an unlikely place to open a suggestive ice cream parlour, Suzanne says the reception has been enthusiastic.

“I’m overwhelmed by the responses of the people who showed up in our first weekend,” said Suzanne. “I had no idea Victoria was so ready to get perverted, but people really are!”

“I had my ‘Pervert’ sweatshirt on last week and everywhere I walked people commented on it, saying ‘I’m a pervert too’. Either they didn’t know about the store and said they loved my shirt, or they knew about it and told me they were excited about it. I was blown away.”

Perverted Ice Cream can be found at 604 Humboldt Street on the ground floor of the Belmont Building, a Victoria heritage building built over 100 years ago.