('Victoria' the Tyrannosaurus Rex / Dino Lab Inc.)

Dinosaurs, their histories, their fossils – pretty incredible stuff, right?

When you add to the mix fully restored prehistoric creatures, perfectly preserved artifacts and the chance to take in all of these things interactively and firsthand – you’ve got Victoria’s newest unique experience, Dino Lab Inc.

Located just minutes from the city’s downtown core, walking through the doors of Dino Lab fossil gallery is like being transported back in time – literally!

(Tyrannosaurus Rex skull / Dino Lab Inc.)

You are first greeted by ‘Victoria’, a nearly 40-foot long fossil of a teenage Tyrannosaurus Rex. Though Victoria is certainly the most striking, the large room is filled with all sorts of different dinos and pieces of history – you can even feel a real meteorite for yourself.

Mounted by innovative new technology ‘earth magnets’, many pieces of the fossils are able to be moved around as to still be studied by paleontologists all over the world.

(Fossil Gallery / Dino Lab Inc.)

On top of the eye-opening gallery, you can get a tour behind the scenes of their world-renowned fossil prep lab, where you’ll get to see how their skilled staff have prepared specimens that now sit in museums and galleries all over the world.

Following this, you can have the chance to work on your very own fossil restoration within their interactive prep lab – lab coat and all!

Though Dino Lab Inc. has existed privately for nearly 3 years – sharing their fossils only with museums and private clients – they’ve just become public recently, officially opening their doors on July 7th to the masses.

It’s no wonder why – exhibits this incredible shouldn’t be kept secret!

The lab now offers private guided tours for up to 10 people – this includes an hour within the fossil gallery itself, and half an hour getting your hands dirty and doing some hands-on fossil restoration yourself using the same pneumatic tools and equipment that the experts use.

You can also book a mixed tour, meaning you can join others interested in learning all things dinosaur, and the cost is only $40 per person.

On top of this, they offer school and community presentations and can coordinate private fossil digs for those interested.

But wait, it gets even better! Dino Lab Inc. even offers birthday parties, which include all of the fun of a private guided tour, the wonder of watching their skilled staff working on specimens, some hands-on fossil fun, and a party room overlooking the gallery!

Prehistoric party, anyone?

(Guided Tour / Dino Lab Inc.)

** Contest now CLOSED. Congratulations to our winner, Susan Rooper. **


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Contest Guidelines

Dino Lab Inc.

  • Where: 1B – 491 Dupplin Road, Victoria
  • Hours:
    • Gift Shop hours – Monday to Friday – 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
    • All guided tours must be pre-booked – check out their schedule
  • Contact:  778-966-3466

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