(Photo by Colin Smith Takes Pics)

The Twins of Evil tour — Hell Never Dies — fired into Vancouver’s Rogers Arena on Sunday August 4, 2019.

Shock-rocker Marilyn Manson started the performance by having the curtain drop to reveal his pale emperor persona standing high above the stage.

He then lowered from his riser and raged into his hit song, “Angel with the Scabbed Wings”. The crowd ate it up and sang along to follow-up favorites like “Dope Show” and “Sweet Dreams”.

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As the concert continued, sometime around “Antichrist Superstar”, Marilyn jumped off stage and went to visit the crowd. Eventually he got hit in the head by someone or something and he took a short break.

He returned to the performance by saying “that was the best head I ever got”.

The show ended with the entire crowd singing along to the iconic “Beautiful People”.

A zombie takes the stage

If you ever wanted to see a crowd go totally crazy, go to a Rob Zombie show.

These guys really give you everything. The show was super high-energy and a feast for all of the senses with great lighting and a well-crafted audiovisual display backdrop.

Rob Zombie, John 5, Piggy D, and Ginger Fish worked through all of Rob Zombie’s biggest hits from past to present, including “Superbeast”, “More Human than Human”, and “The Living Dead Girl”.

During a stellar guitar solo by John 5, Rob Zombie grabbed a flashlight and headed off stage for a walk among the crowd.

But the walk was more than just a pass through the front stage. Zombie roamed in and around the general admission area and up and down the stairs of each floor, giving fans photo-ops and high-fives.

In true Zombie fashion, after walking through the crowd he hopped back on stage and told the arena to take one last selfie. “Hashtag it,” he said. “[And] put your fucking phones away and let’s have a real party!”

That’s exactly what we did, as he dove into “Thunder Kiss ‘65” and a cover of “Blitzkrieg Bop”.

As the end of the night drew near, Zombie set himself up to play “Helter Skelter”.

“Sometimes I play with a partner and sometimes I play it alone,” he mused.

This night, he played it alone.

Check out photos of the concert below:

(Photo by Colin Smith Takes Pics)
(Photo by Colin Smith Takes Pics)
(Photo by Colin Smith Takes Pics)

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