BC government is calling on the Canadian federal government to ban conversion therapy, the practice of trying to alter a person’s sexual orientation.

According to a provincial letter sent to the federal Minister of Justice, conversion therapy comprises of medically unfounded and unethical excercises that can have long-lasting negative effects on peoples’ lives.

“Conversion therapy is nothing more than ignorance and prejudice disguised as medical treatment,” said Spencer Chandra Herbert, MLA for Vancouver-West End, one of the letter’s signatories.

“This shameful, unethical exercise has no scientific basis whatsoever and is embedded in hateful, homophobic and transphobic ideologies.”

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The province also reiterates in their letter that BC has a firm ban on conversion therapy within its borders.

Health professionals are barred from offering the controversial service and anyone found to be practicing conversion therapy will be reviewed and potentially disciplined by their regulatory college.

“Our message to any health professional offering or planning on offering this abusive treatment is simple: you will be reported, and you will face disciplinary action,” reads the letter, that was also signed by BC’s Attorney General and Minister of Health.

Residents can report health professionals who are offering conversion therapy to the BC government online here.

“If you are gay, you do not need to be fixed,” said Chandra Herbert. “If you are trans, you are accepted here in B.C. No matter who you are, you are beautiful, and we see you.”