(Screencap from video by Jim Thompson/YouTube)

Sunday was no ordinary day for one Victoria cyclist.

On August 18th, Jim Thompson embarked on an afternoon bike ride, only to encounter what he describes as a series of “weird” events.

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In a video uploaded to YouTube and Facebook, Thompson chronicles his observations of several unfortunate incidents, including:

  • a cyclist running a red bike light at Pandora and Douglas,
  • a driver at Ogden Point holding up traffic to unload their trunk,
  • a raccoon running into oncoming traffic and getting hit by a car, and
  • the collision in which a cyclist struck a ‘tow strap’ that was connecting an SUV with a broken down vehicle that it was towing.

According to Thompson’s Facebook post, the driver of the vehicle that hit the raccoon did stop to check on the animal, but he had run off already.

In the case of the collision between the cyclist and the SUV ‘tow strap’, Thompson was initially unaware of what had occurred until a fellow Facebook commenter filled them in on the incident.

The cyclist involved in the collision was taken to the hospital with potentially life threatening injuries on Sunday afternoon.

Check out Thompson’s video below:

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