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Decades-old local business, Dine In Victoria, announced on Thursday that it is shuttering its delivery service for good starting today.

First launched in 1999, the food delivery service grew to over 35 employees and a range of loyal customers across the city.

However, since a number of international competitors have expanded into Victoria ⁠— like Skip the Dishes and Uber Eats ⁠— the local business had difficulty keeping pace.

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“We’ve loved serving Victorians and it’s sad for a lot of us for sure,” Dine In Victoria owner Maggie Rideout told Victoria Buzz.

“But I think it’s just the way times are going with the big delivery services. They have a lot of financial backing to expand rapidly.”

When the food delivery service first started 20 years ago, the business model was “ahead of its time,” said Rideout.

“It was hard breaking into the market because people were just not really aware of what that delivery was.”

“I think people were used to free pizza delivery so they weren’t quite ready for a delivery fee. It was quite ahead of its time.”

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Since 1999, however, personal food delivery has become mainstream, and Dine In Victoria is grateful for the customers and staff that supported them, since the last millennium until now.

“We’ve loved serving Victorians, they’re very kind people,” said Rideout.

“We’ve actually had some very dedicated customers who refused to use the other services. The outpouring today and last night was incredible.”

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