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The Esquimalt-based HMCS Regina returned to Vancouver Island Monday morning following a lengthy 6-month deployment that spanned the globe.

The naval base’s docks were filled with friends and family members who excitedly reunited with the crew of the HMCS Regina, after they participated in three unique operational theatres across nine countries this year.

On April 6th, the HMCS Regina seized over 2.5 tonnes of hash off the coast of Oman, which would have gone towards funding organized crime networks and terrorist organizations in the area.

Then, less than ten days later, the naval ship seized over 3 tonnes of hash in a similar area as the first bust, colloquially known as the ‘hash highway’.

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Besides the massive drug busts — which was part of HMCS’ contribution to the international naval security program, Operation Artemis — the Esquimalt-based navy ship enforced UN Sanctions against North Korea by harrying illegal shipments to the country, and strengthened security ties and global relationships by running international training exercises with nations in the Indo-Asian-Pacific region.

According to a Facebook update by the ship on August 11th, the crew had:

  • Travelled 38,369 nautical miles
  • Spent 185 days away from Vancouver Island
  • Visited 3 continents and 9 countries
  • Seized over 9,145 kilograms of drugs

Check out photos and a live video of the ship’s return below:

Posted by CFB BFC Esquimalt on Monday, August 19, 2019

HMCS Regina Homecoming Livestream

Reunions, engagements, hugs and kisses are all around us at @HMCS / NCSM Regina homecoming today. ⚓️💙*******************************************************Loin des yeux, près du cœur Retrouvailles, fiançailles, câlins et baisers sont au rendez-vous pour le retour au pays du NCSM Regina. ⚓️❤️

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