Metchosin Fire Department/Facebook

A three-storey home has been destroyed by a fire that started late Thursday night.

It started at approximately 9:45 p.m. on August 15th and was contained to a single structure in the Aquarius subdivision on Pegasus Way.

According to Metchosin Fire Chief Stephanie Dunlop, crews from Metchosin, Sooke, Otter Point, and East Sooke responded to the call.

The family that rented the residence was not at home when the blaze broke out and there are no known injuries. However, a dog remains unaccounted for.

Crews remained on site overnight to put out hot spots.

Fire officials continue to investigate the cause of the blaze on Friday morning.[0]=68.ARBh9Uqo9ZsSkW_Irlp4eGtPA99oOUpt6Ora7bHXyy77gE2GWWu_mYFOcwy6goZlh6XOYe9V8NrMg6Iwv2MnJygKbV8Dg2xc8R0XDPcD9711y0Eqysv-o57bwF9b2fGBoZ3CUlDjaDrLz2W1ikEB4qJGXDvYoZi3M7z8x4qXtT-w2V7ecI9_42678mLkKKU2h71k6B6k3zPy-Eekt5khOd_hq7U5AGVwt1_Fot0_M7z–hd3eCubbZDrS7gmUox6yo0HMUp3wnCYW_36MJuCRw_A_Ou9xiXW7V19KI5glRmVaCv-EBygQltgr_dPZfn2K0nuFOPrbYJCxCqxjtkTDQ&__tn__=-R

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