Galloping Goose
Galloping Goose Regional Trail (CRD)

Cyclists and pedestrians who frequent the Galloping Goose Trail are being warned of possible night closures due to construction of the McKenzie interchange highway project.

Starting today until November 5th, 2019, closures may occur overnight on the trail as commuters near the project. According to the ministry, the closures will only occur between 8:30 p.m. and 5:30 a.m. to avoid peak trail hours.

Additionally, the trail will never be closed on Sundays or holidays.

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If the trail is closed, the province recommends detouring to Burnside Road between Belgrave Road and the Burnside bridge.

Should a trail closure become necessary, the province will display “highly visible” orange signs along the Galloping Goose to warn cyclists of an upcoming closure.

The potential closures are part of the landscaping, topsoil placement, and other projects related to the McKenzie interchange project.

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