(Oak Bay Fire/Twitter)

For the second time this week, local authorities have been in the spotlight for a rather wholesome reason.

On Tuesday morning at around 5:25 a.m, Oak Bay firefighters responded to a call about a young deer stuck in a metal fence in the 1900-block of Crescent Road.

“They covered the deer’s head with a blanket so it wasn’t as nervous, and once they freed it, it basically walked off on its own,” Deputy Chief Darren Lee told Victoria Buzz.

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The fact that the fawn walked away by itself was enough to convince Oak Bay firefighters and Victoria Animal Control – who followed up on the incident afterwards – that the animal was uninjured.

Lee confirmed that responding firefighters had to use a hydraulic rescue tool or ‘Jaws of Life’ to separate the metal bars and free the deer.

“It took about half an hour to get the deer out,” says Lee.

“We were able to help the little guy out and then didn’t have to worry about it being injured so that’s nice.”