hit and run

Oak Bay Police have arrested one out of two suspects who robbed a local resident at gunpoint.

On Wednesday, August 14th, two suspects entered an apartment in the 2000 block of Oak Bay Ave and tried to sell the occupant some items.

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When the resident expressed his disinterest, one of the suspects pulled out what appeared to be a 9 mm handgun.

With the occupant of the apartment at gunpoint, the suspects stole various items including a credit card and a debit card.

According to police, the suspect wielding the gun stayed in the apartment while the other went to the ATM to withdraw money.

Police were advised of the incident on August 16th, and have since taken one of the two suspects into custody.

According to police, the three people were known to each other and this was a targeted incident.

“A robbery at gun point is not a common offence in Oak Bay, however, it is important to note that this was a targeted event,” said Deputy Chief Ray Bernoties in a statement.

As a result of their investigation, police anticipate arresting the second suspect in the “very near future”.