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A mouth-watering cookie shop that quickly became a staple in Victoria is shutting down its downtown location.

Today is the last day for The Cookie Guy on Blanshard Street, which will leave the business operating out of its secondary kiosk location at Uptown Shopping Centre.

This cookie shop has been selling their classic freshly baked cookies, coffee, and ice cream out of their 1122 Blanshard Street storefront for nearly three years.

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In November 2018, owner Matthew Davis decided to expand the business by adding a kiosk at Uptown. Now, this will have to serve as their primary space until they can find another spot to move into downtown.

“We were unable to come to a new agreement on our lease with the landlord [after] the building was recently purchased and fell into new ownership,” Davis tells Victoria Buzz.

While pricing was not the issue, lease negotiations were cut short by the new owners after Davis requested an extension.

The Cookie Guy’s main modus operandi, however, is through deliveries and fortunately the area they service will remain unchanged even after the downtown storefront shuts down.

“We hope to move into a larger venue at Uptown, but nothing is set in stone… and we should see our hours change in the middle of September, so we could be open earlier and close later,” adds Davis.

“We are hoping to return to the downtown scene in the near future, we just have to find a space that works for us.”

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The menu will remain the same, with all of their popular cookies staying on, along with their rotating ice cream menu.

And while customers are sad to see one of their favourite downtown shops shut down, they’ve also been understanding and supportive of the transition.

“We’re receiving a lot of positive support which is great. We’re sad to leave the downtown core and are hoping to get back in there. The biggest thing on our end is that we’re still going to be delivering to the same areas, that’s not going to change at all,” says Davis.

The success of his business thus far, and the support from the local community has also enabled Davis to explore expansion options in Vancouver in the future.

For now, customers in Victoria can still have their freshly baked sweet treats delivered to them, and until the end of September, receive a 20% discount on their orders by using the code ‘Snickerdoodle’!

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