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With clouds covering most of Victoria’s sky today, the City of Gardens is expected to receive rainfall all weekend, possibly starting tonight.

According to Environment Canada, showers could begin Friday night – with a 30% chance of rain.

On Saturday, the chance of showers increases to a whopping 70% during the day followed by 60% in the evening.

Come Sunday, the weather agency expects a 60% chance of rain during the day. By Sunday night, most of the rain is expected to have cleared, with a slim 30% chance of rain occurring on Monday.

(Image / Environment Canada)

The rainfall is good news for the city, which has been experiencing a drier than usual summer season.

On June 27th, Victoria broke a decades-old weather-record for highest amount of rainfall received in the city in just one day. However, the entire month was still drier than the yearly average overall.

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