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A massive Super Smash Bros Ultimate Tournament is coming to Victoria next week, and the gaming event will be hosted by two voice acting stars, Tracey Moore — voice of Princess Peach and Sailor Moon — and John Stocker — voice of Toad!

The event, called Kre8 Smash Ultimate Tournament is being held at the Fernwood Community Centre on August 18th, and will feature a Nintendo Switch grand prize, plus a $500 pot bonus for elite competitors.

Players looking to compete in the tournament can register online here, either as a single contestant or as a doubles team.

The video game contest is part of Tracey Moore’s multi-day Kr8Studio event in Victoria, which kicks off this Friday.

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Kr8Studio features a series of hands-on workshops designed to support emerging local talent and teach them about Hollywood film practices.

Participants of Kr8Studio will get to learn and use industry gear, like a full body MoCap (motion capture) suit, head-mounted cameras for facial animations, and practical make-up with Emmy award winning make-up artist Charles Porlier.

Those interested in something more physical can sign up for a Day of the Jedi training event, where members of Victoria’s oldest kung fu club, Wong Sheung Kung Fu Club, teach you martial arts basics while you’re in a MoCap suit that will then be animated and inserted into a Jedi battle scene.

Details on Kr8Studio’s different workshops and schedules can be found online here.

Kre8 Smash Ultimate Tournament

When: August 18th, 1:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Where: Fernwood Community Centre, 1240 Gladstone Avenue