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Happy Fringe season!

The Victoria Fringe Festival is described as a “celebration of live performance from around the world, featuring an eclectic mixture of spoken word, drama, musicals, dance, comedy, magic, theatre for young audiences and more.”

Every year, emerging and established artists come together to perform dozens of new shows, inviting Victorians to enjoy art and performances that live in the experimental outskirts of the theatre world.

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Victoria Fringe is one of over 250 fringe festivals happening internationally. World Fringe organizes, staffs, and sponsors events, supports artists, and creates new festivals. They advocate for fringe theatre, recognizing its cultural importance and working to further its global impact.

This year’s festival features a whopping 47(!) unique performances. With the sheer number and scope of these shows, there’s sure to be something for everyone.

Fringe is also about exploring art that’s outside your comfort zone, so here’s your chance to try something that’s unlike anything you’ve seen before.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your choices, here are a few to start you off. (But remember, the entire lineup is worth looking at!)

Must-see Fringe Festival performances

Contemplate the end of the world with award-winning performer Tasha Diamant as she explores radical vulnerability through nudity in Atrocities ‘R’ Us.

Watch and participate in LUB DUB, a variety show by and for marginalized voices that “invites you to celebrate, collaborate, and smash white supremacy.”

Learn how to succeed in business and Leash Your Potential in this show by Ryan Gunther, an ex-employee of a Fortune 500 company.

Get instructions on how to pull your heart out through your throat through theatre, poetry, dance, and beyond.

If you’re still not sure what to see, check out the Fringe Preview for a peek at what’s to come during the second week of the festival.

Find your way around the festival’s 12 venues as well as the information centre, Fringekids Fest, and Fringe Club with this handy map:

(Fringe Festival map)

There’s a whole week of shows to see — get your tickets now!

Victoria Fringe Festival 2019

  • When: August 21st – September 1st
  • Where: Various locations (see above)

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