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If you’ve spent any time on the Victoria Buzz Facebook page, you may have noticed a trend in some of the comments below our articles.

Yeah, that’s right – we see all those bike lane jokes and traffic rants.

But one follower decided to take it one step further and jump on the Bingo card bandwagon by creating one about the types of comments on our Facebook page.

While some of these squares are so real, they make us want to turn this Bingo into a drinking game, we can’t argue with Dan Smart’s hilarious creation:

(Created by Dan Smart)

Smart has been following Victoria Buzz for a little less than a year and quickly noticed how consistently some of our followers react to articles about our beautiful city.

“I love making memes, I have free time… and I wanted to shine a light on some of the more annoying/ignorant comments,” said Smart.

“People just hide behind their computers and post anywhere from absolute nonsense to blatantly racist comments, they don’t seem to realize they have their name attached to it on Facebook.”

According to this self-proclaimed ‘seasoned memelord’, the Bingo card took him just 15 minutes to draw up and even includes a square about himself “commenting about lizard people” (see bottom right corner).

“I feel like the mayor of Victoria is a very thankless job, and a lot of people place blame on Lisa Helps or the Council for things that are really just common sense civic enhancements/maintenance/ infrastructure upgrades etc…,” says Smart.

“And I like to take blaming them for things that aren’t their fault one step further by suggesting that they all have ulterior motives, ie the literal uprising of the subterranean lizard people.”

Talking about lizard people is his way of discrediting conspiracy theorists by taking outlandish arguments one step further, explains Smart.

But whether you can spot yourself in that Bingo card (it’s okay to admit it) or just get a kick out of reading the comments, everyone’s welcome to share their views on our articles.

Just remember to keep it classy, Victoria!

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