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While Victoria’s debate on the virtue of bike lanes continues to unfold, international vehicle finance provider Moneybarn has ranked the City of Gardens as one of the top 10 cities for commuters in the world.

To calculate their rankings, Moneybarn used 12 commuting factors to evaluate 114 major cities across the globe, with Victoria coming in as the 10th best city to live in for people travelling to and from work.

The BC capital is just one of two Canadian cities to break the top 10 list alongside Ottawa, which scored 8th place.

Both cities scored well in the pollution ranking, work-life balance rating, and happiness rating. However, the remainder of the top 10 list largely scored above the Great White North in categories like average walking distance and cycle paths per capita.

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Perhaps surprisingly, out of the top 10 commuter cities, Victoria scored the absolute lowest on cycle paths per capita.

The top commuter city, Amsterdam, scored an 8.83 out of 10 for number of bike paths while BC’s capital scored a meager 0.02.

The rankings were based on a range of factors, including: time spent commuting in minutes, time spent in traffic, cost of gas, cost of monthly travel passes, pollution rating, EV charging stations per capita, cycle paths per capita, average walking distance, work-life balance, a gender pay gap ranking, and an overall happiness rating.

The top 10 best cities across the globe for commuters are below:

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The full ranking of all 114 cities and further details on Moneybarn’s methodology can be found online here.