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There’s good news for drivers in Victoria who are looking to make some extra, efficient cash!

Victoria’s first ever ride hailing app, Lucky To Go, is looking for local drivers to help keep up with the new app’s skyrocketing community use.

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Available on both Android and iOS, Lucky To Go connects users with drivers from enrolled taxi fleets in Victoria to help find the quickest and closest ride available.

According to Lucky To Go, eligible drivers will be able to use their own independent vehicles – not just taxis – to provide ride-sharing services to users come September.

Like Uber and Lyft, the app will calculate users’ fare, track the driver’s position using GPS navigation, let you instantly view your invoice and rate your ride.

Meanwhile, registered drivers can view users’ details before deciding to accept a ride, and can rate their passengers at the end of the trip.

On its launch day last week, Lucky To Go had 70 registered drivers and over 150 app downloads. Since then, user downloads have skyrocketed, which is why the ride hook-up app is looking for more qualified drivers in the city!

How to apply

“We have opened our services for any registered taxi service and driver with an appropriate license,” Mandeep Rana, founder of Lucky To Go, told Victoria Buzz last week.

“They have to have a Class 4 license and the driver has to submit proper documentation that supports the fact that [they’re] a cab company driver.”

To apply as a driver, applicants that meet the Passenger Transportation Board’s (PTB) requirements can complete an application through the Lucky To Go Driver mobile app.

PTB certified applicants must:

  • Be 19 years of age or older
  • Have a Class 4 BC driver’s license
  • Pass a criminal record check
  • Have a minimum one year of safe driving experience.

If you’re interested in driving but aren’t already registered with the PTB, don’t worry, you can still apply to Lucky To Go!

Drivers without a commercial license can submit their applications to Lucky To Go through the email ‘application@AdModmedia.com’ — with the ride-hailing service offering to cover applicant’s Class 4 driver’s licensing fees!

While Lucky To Go currently only connects users with taxi drivers, the company plans on transitioning to a full fledged ride hailing app, much like Uber, once the province legalizes ride-sharing in BC.

Once ride-sharing services are available in BC, Lucky To Go will be one of the only services that allows customers to choose their preferred driver, whether they are drivers associated with a taxi service or an independent driver.

Lucky To Go Ride-Hailing App (download here)

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