(Victoria Wine Festival)

The Victoria International Wine Festival is happening this week!

This staple local event takes place at the beautiful Parkside Hotel and Spa between September 19th and 21st. Here are five reasons you simply must attend the Festival:

The value

When you attend a wine tasting you get access to a plethora of wine for the price of one ticket. The average consumer at the Victoria International Wine Festival samples over $300 worth of wine.

That translates into sampling over 50 different types of wine out of the 300+ on site!


The Festival is a great place to wet your lips with wines you have never tasted, guided by experts who want to explain the value in what you taste.

This goes for wine novices to wine enthusiasts to seasoned pros. The Victoria International Wine Festival focuses on a welcoming setting by having wine Sommeliers wandering through the Festival helping guide you through any questions you may have. 

A brochure that becomes your personal wine bible

We all know how hard it is to remember which wines you love, what vintage that chardonnay was, or what region those bubbles came from.

At the Victoria International Wine Festival you are given a wine brochure in which you can make notes and collect a bible, of sorts, of your favourite wines. Simply carry it with you on your next venture to the liquor store and take home your favourites from the Festival!

Taste the world

No joke! When you venture to the Victoria International Wine Festival, you get access to over 300 wines from 13 different countries that arguably produce the best wines in the world.

This includes a featured region in which 25 wines from Argentina are showcased this year. Not only do you get the classic regions like France, Germany, Spain, USA, but some unique features in Uruguay, Japan, Croatia and many more. 

In addition, there are a long list of principals traveling to the Festival to show off their wines so you can meet and speak to the winemakers themselves! Learn about how the wine is made, where it came from, and of course, pick your favourites from the 300 plus wines at the festival.

Check out the featured wines here: http://vicwf.com/wines/

Mingle, mingle, MINGLE

The wine festival is a fantastic way to meet new people, entertain your friends, chat with your partner or flat out mingle with a collective of people interested in the same topic: WINE!

The Victoria International Wine Festival is an intimate Festival in Wine Standards and sets limits of a maximum of 400 people per tasting.  

While tickets are sold out for the Saturday Evening tasting, they can be purchased for the Friday Evening or the Saturday Afternoon Tasting.

This Festival sells out every year and, judging by the online feed, is on its way to selling out again this year. Tickets can be purchased here: http://bit.ly/vicwf2019.

2019 Victoria Wine Festival

  • When: September 19th – 22nd
  • Where: The Parkside Hotel & Spa, 810 Humboldt St
  • Admission: Tickets are $40 – $200. Click here to purchase.