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6 ways to deal with arachnids in your home this spider season


Ever walked into a spider web in the dark?  How about a standoff in the hallway with an eight-legged frenemy in the middle of the night?

If any of these things have happened to you over the past couple weeks, you’re not alone – because we’re now in the midst of spider season. Which for arachnophobes is officially the worst time of the year. 

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Spiders in British Columbia are mostly harmless, with the exception being the feared Black Widow – and no, we don’t mean Scarlett Johansson’s title character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Deaths from spider bites in British Columbia are extremely rare, but anyone bitten by a Black Widow is still suggested to seek medical attention immediately. 

Nevertheless, those who do have a fear of spiders may want to get rid of these uninvited guests from their home. 

While there is an endless supply of products that claim to serve this purpose, we have scoured the internet for some of the best ones you can buy locally and inexpensively.

Peppermint oil 

According to, a simple spray of peppermint oil can keep the eight-legged critters away and provides the added bonus of preventing that moral dilemma of whether to let them leave or kill them. 

Lemon peel

Homestyle blog recommends a homemade product that can cost you under a dollar and also works with the same principle. 

Scent can be a powerful way to stop them from ever entering your home. In this case, all you have to do is remove the peel from a lemon and place it in the corners of windows or doors to prevent the arachnids from entering. 


Chemical options are also a route that you may be interested in taking and are all readily available at your local home improvement stores. 

Some of the insecticides you can purchase at Home Depot include Terro Spider & Insect trap, Raid spider blaster, or Ortho Home Defense Max 709.

Chestnuts tested the theory of placing chestnuts in corners of your home to ward off spiders, and came up with unclear results. 

This placebo method could just work as a way to put your mind at ease, and trick you into believing that the easy to find nuts could actually scare unsuspecting spiders.

Get a Cat 

These domestic predators have been known to hunt down small pests like mice or rats, but occasionally large spiders can be put on their radar. 

But keep in mind the possible unfortunate downside of ending up with a dead bird in your house, instead of a dead spider. 

The live and let live option

According to spiders are known to consume 400 to 800 million small to large prey annually.

Though they may scare some humans, the arachnids do terrify all of their natural prey which includes: hornets, wasps, mosquitos, and other insects that may be bothersome for you.

Whatever you plan to do this spider season, now you have ample choices for how to handle the eight-legged residents.

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