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Empire Donuts and Fried Chicken will soon go back to being just ‘Empire Donuts’ after an announcement on Sunday.

In April 2018, the business opened its new Cook Street Village storefront, bringing patrons flocking over to the aromas of freshly fried chicken and flavoured donuts of all kinds.

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However in a social media post yesterday, owner Melanie McDougall said that the business would stop serving fried chicken at their Cook Street shop as of Sunday, October 6th. 

“This past year, with the introduction of the fried chicken, I have taken a beating emotionally and financially. I tried so hard to make it work,” she writes.

“I really wanted to make it work because I felt so passionately about it and I loved it. But nonetheless I believe it is time to let this part of the business go.”

This is a really hard post for me. Really hard. This past year, with the introduction of the fried chicken, I have taken…

Posted by Empire Donuts on Sunday, September 29, 2019

Starting next Sunday, both Empire Donuts shops on Cook Street and View Street will be serving up freshly baked donuts in flavours Victorians have come to know and love.

The business originally delivered donuts to local coffee shops, and opened its first storefront on View Street in 2016.

Currently, their donut menu includes seasonal hits like Pumpkin Brown Sugar, Coconut Bergamot, Raspberry Chai, Cinnamon Cookie Crumble and Espresso Caramel Almond.

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