(Image / Greater Victoria Harbour Authority Facebook)

Victoria’s historic Ogden Point has received a new prefix to its name, courtesy of the Greater Victoria Harbour Authority.

The area encompassing the breakwater and the Victoria cruise ship terminal has been renamed ‘The Breakwater District at Ogden Point’ following consultation with local agencies and the community, according to a tweet from the GVHA.

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“The Breakwater District at Ogden Point reflects what the space is meant to be: a place of commerce and a destination for all of Victoria, where locals and visitors have the opportunity to enjoy oceanfront amenities and gather as a community throughout the year,” said Ian Robertson, CEO of the Greater Victoria Harbour Authority.

“This space is an extension of the community, both the immediate neighbourhood of James Bay as well as the surrounding region. We’re looking toward the future of these critical employment lands.”

Creating a new identity

The Harbour Authority worked with Victoria-based branding company, Trapeze Communications, to create the new identity and have since come up with 10 variations of The Breakwater District logo.

On September 18th, the GVHA added new signage at both the north and south entrances to designate the location as ‘The Breakwater District at Ogden Point’.

Prior to this official launch, visitors may have noticed new painting on the east wall of the warehouse at Pier A, new wayfinding markers for cruise visitors, and a 75-metre mural between Pier B and the new pedestrian-only gateway. These changes were all part of a “soft launch” for the pier’s new brand.

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Over the next few weeks, staff will be installing signage on the Pier A warehouse, flags throughout the terminal, and a series of detailed information guides for the local community, partners, and stakeholders.

According to the Authority, a detailed account of Peter Skene Ogden – the namesake of Ogden Point – and his story will be introduced “within the context of his time, his place in history, and reflections on history today for future generations to consider”.