Submitted by Jessica McMillan

Well, that didn’t go quite as planned!

On Friday, a local father posted a photo of himself on Facebook dressed as ‘Jason’ from famous horror movie ‘Friday the 13th’ along with the caption, “Will be scarring my children for life today.. Friday the 13th school pick up is going to be great…”

Shortly after the father arrived at North Saanich Middle School for pick up, someone spotted him in his a vehicle.

His get-up was a little too realistic, however, as another parent called 911 upon observing the man wearing a hockey mask and carrying what looked like a machete hanging around the North Saanich school.

According to a statement from North Saanich Middle School, the incident occurred at dismissal time and the vehicle in question was parked in front of McDonald Park when RCMP arrived.

Police assured school staff that there was never any danger to the children or community, and officers quickly resolved the situation.

The parent behind the prank posted the following message on social media following the incident:

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