(Photo by District of Saanich)

The District of Saanich is piloting new high reflective inlaid road markings at three locations in the municipality.

Saanich Engineering Department crew have installed highly retro-reflective and durable road markings at the following locations:

  • McKenzie Avenue – between Long Gun Place and Braefoot Road
  • McKenzie Avenue – between Quadra Street and Saanich Road
  • Wilkinson Road – between Greenlea Drive and West Saanich Road

The district says these inlaid thermoplastic markings provide drivers with high visibility and are extremely durable with a life expectancy of over seven years, while traditional road markers last for about a year on average.

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To install these new markers, engineers milled a shallow groove into the road surface and used equipment to lay molten thermoplastic into this groove.

The department also added recessed reflectors at all three locations for further visibility.

(Reflectors/District of Saanich)

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