Victoria may have been ranked the most romantic city in Canada for 7 years in a row, but this romance doesn’t always come cheap.

According to a study conduced by Canadian dating site Elite Singles, Victoria is the 4th most expensive city to plan a typical date night in Canada.

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While there are several options for a free or extremely cheap date in town – like taking a stroll around Beacon Hill Park or watching the cruise ships go by at Ogden Point – this particular study counts the average date as containing the following:

  • A mid-range dinner for two
  • Shared bottle of wine
  • Two movie tickets
  • An 8 km taxi ride home

After calculating the total costs associated with these activities, the study compares the prices across 15 major Canadian cities.

While the average date night in Canada is found to cost $127, lovers in Victoria pay approximately $133 for the same date.

The three cities deemed more expensive for dating than Victoria are Toronto, Vancouver, and Ottawa.

Meanwhile, cities like Winnipeg, Montreal, and Halifax fall well below the national average.

Here are the overall results:

  1. Toronto, ON: $150
  2. Vancouver, BC: $149
  3. Ottawa, ON: $138
  4. Victoria, BC: $133
  5. Edmonton, AB: $131
  6. Hamilton, ON: $130
  7. St Catharines, ON: $130
  8. London, ON: $125
  9. Calgary, AB: $123
  10. Kitchener, ON: $120
  11. Halifax, NS: $120
  12. Montreal, QC: $119
  13. Oshawa, ON: $116
  14. Winnipeg, MB: $116
  15. Quebec City, QC: $112

When compared with some other parts of the world, however, dates in Canada seem like a bargain.

The title of most expensive date night in the world goes to Oslo, Norway at a whopping $211.

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