Aaron (left) is suffering from major injuries and PTSD/GoFundMe

A second victim of the horrific collision at the intersection of Bay and Douglas Street last month is now struggling to make ends meet.

On August 24th, a white truck entered the intersection from Bay Street at high-speed, colliding with three vehicles at the intersection.

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The truck, later confirmed to be that of a drunk driver, first hit a vehicle that flipped over and landed upside down a distance away.

The person inside that vehicle, Aaron, has been left with a range of major injuries, severe pain, and PTSD.

According to a GoFundMe page created by Jennifer Gail Gurak, Aaron was 20 minutes into his shift and was driving his security car when the truck collided into him.

Major injuries

He was left with a broken ankle, severe whiplash, lacerations, bruising, muscle damage, and PTSD that is affecting his ability to sleep.

Aaron has been ordered off of work for at least six weeks, but the speed of his recovery will determine when he can actually go back to work.

The description also states that he is currently awaiting for an ICBC (or possibly WorkSafe) claim and is unable to access EI “until decisions have been determined”.

For these reasons, Gurak has set up a GoFundMe with the goal of raising $5,000 to help cover Aaron’s rent for at least two months, car payment, insurance payments, utilities, bills and food.

“In addition, it would cover other expenses as a result of the accident such as a new pair of glasses and hiring a short term dog walker for his pooch,” she writes.

As of the time of publication, the fundraiser has garnered $794. Click here to contribute.