(Justin Trudeau/Instagram)

With 145 seats, the Liberal Party is just 25 seats away from a majority win less than an hour after polls closed in B.C.

At 7:10, CBC News predicted a Liberal government. Just minutes later, they amended this statement to clarify that they anticipated a Liberal minority government.

At time of writing, Liberals currently have 34.8 per cent of the vote, with the Conservatives (with 116 seats) close behind at 33 per cent.

The Bloc Québécois have 32 seats so far with 6.2 per cent of the vote, the NDP has 14.6 per cent of the vote and 19 seats, while the Green Party has 1 seat at 8.1 per cent of the votes.

So far, just 25.59 per cent of the vote has been counted.

More to come.

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