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Saanich Police are investigating a hit and run involving a pellet gun, an e-bike and a pickup truck on Gorge Road this morning.

At around 7:30 a.m., a man residing in the 600-block of Gorge Road West saw a suspicious male on his property.

He decided to follow the man, and observed him meeting up with another man who was standing out front. The two suspicious men then walked over to the intersection of Gorge Road and Dysart, and jumped into a red Ford F150 pickup truck manned by a third person.

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At this point, the complainant got on his e-bike and headed over to confront the three men. However, at the same time, the pickup truck was making a U-turn to go back towards Victoria.

While making this turn, the truck hit and crushed the e-bike under its wheels. Fortunately the victim was knocked off the bike and away from the truck, and therefore only sustained minor injuries.

The suspects then got out of the truck, grabbed some wood from the back of their vehicle and used it to free the truck from the e-bike.

At this point, a confrontation between the complainant and the suspects ensued, and what appeared to be a handgun was introduced into the fray.

“We are unsure of how the gun arrived at the scene and how it was brandished or used, so that’s still under investigation. When we arrived, the complainant had the handgun in his possession,” Det. Staff Sgt. Chris Horsley told Victoria Buzz.

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Fortunately the handgun turned out to be a pellet gun and no one was injured by it. The suspects fled the scene after the confrontation and police were called.

During the fight, the truck also struck a BC Hydro power box and knocked it off the concrete base, and there was a possibility of electrocution due to a possible ground gradient.

BC Hydro crews were called to de-energize the box, and Saanich Fire and paramedics also attended the site.

The complainant was treated for his injuries on site and is now cooperating with police to locate the suspects.

Det. Staff Sgt. Horsley has confirmed that as this time, police may have located their vehicle with assistance from Victoria Police.

“We’re reiterating that if you do see suspicious activity on your property, certainly contact police immediately. Be a good witness and don’t attempt to intervene,” he said.

Any witnesses to the event are asked to contact Saanich Police at 250-475-4321.