Galloping Goose
Galloping Goose Regional Trail (CRD)

Portions of the Galloping Goose Trail will be closed to cyclists and pedestrians for over a month due to construction at the McKenzie interchange project site.

Partial closures of the trail will be put in place starting October 28th all the way until the end of November.

The first closure will be the section between where the pedestrian overpass over Highway 1 meets the trail and where the trail meets Burnside Road.

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It includes the protected overpass over McKenzie Ave, and will be closed from October 28th to November 2nd.

Pedestrians and cyclists using the trail during the week will detour onto Burnside Road via Grange Road on the west, and where Burnside meets the trail on the east.

Signage and traffic personnel will also be on site to direct students who access schools in the area using the pedestrian overpass over Highway 1.

Traffic controllers will also be present to direct and ensure to safety of travellers and workers accessing the trail.

Upcoming trail closure map: