(3369 St. Troy Place/Photo by Colin Smith Takes Pics)

Here’s another must-see Halloween house tonight!

Kids, adults, and everyone in between are expected to be drawn to 3369 St. Troy Place in Colwood, where homeowner Mike Jones, a bus driver by trade, has decked out his house with some truly creative decor.

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One of the things you’ll notice first is the giant pirate ship with its skeletal crew docked on his front yard. Also featured is a zombie graveyard, boasting a lifelike headless horseman in its midst.

The driveway and front entrance is also lit up with about 450 pumpkins, intricately hand-carved by Jones himself.

“They’re hollow foam pumpkins that last a long time, so I do about 20 every year and add to the collection,” Jones tells Victoria Buzz.

You can spot characters from horror and several other genres of film, including Jason from Friday the 13th and everyone’s favourite Jedi Master, Yoda.

“I did it because I’ve always loved Halloween. When I was a kid, I was fanatical about it. Whenever I saw houses done up, it just inspired me,” said Jones.

“When I started doing this, it was really small and just the appreciation from people kinda spurs you on to do more. It’s really worth it just to get the reactions from adults and kids.”

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The whole get-up costs Jones at least a few hundred dollars every year, and one of the biggest expenses is candy which is offered to kids and adults alike.

This year, the house on St. Troy Place is expected to receive at least 1,500 visitors, and Jones attributes this to the addition of the pirate ship as well as the pleasant weather this Halloween.

Check out some photos of the house and its spooky decor:

Last week I posted about a house in Colwood BC all decked out in Pumpkins and a pirate ship in the front yard. Here's a…

Posted by Colin Smith Takes Pics on Wednesday, October 30, 2019


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