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Victoria business owner tastes sweet victory at Gelato Festival America


Victoria business owner Stefano Mosi (of Mosi Gelato), took home the gold medal at last weekend’s Gelato Festival America with his signature sorbetto.

With this win Mosi, now qualifies for the 2020 Gelato Festival North American final in Miami.

If successful at that event, he will be whisked off to compete on the international stage at the World Finals in Italy 2021.

“It has been a dream of mine for years to compete in this festival,” said Mosi. “And to know that we can now take the flavours of Victoria to the North American Finals and hopefully to Italy feels incredible,” he added. 

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The flavour that crowned Mosi a victor was a taste of Victoria which combined fresh mint, lime, and Silk Road Tea, the signature gelato was appropriately named Seamist Sorbetto. 

“I have to thank my whole team for all their support. This win is for all of us as Mosi Gelato and Mosi Bakery,” said Mosi. 

“Special thanks has to go to my colleague and former gelato manager at Ono Gelato in Maui, Robert Mahler who lives in LA and worked beside me at the festival. We can’t wait to now compete in Miami in 2020, with our eye on Italy in 2021.”

Generations of gelato

Gelato has been part of the Mosi family for generations, as his father and grandfather both crafted gelato in their pasticceria (or patisserie) in Torino, Italy since 1925. 

Mosi has continued this tradition and added to the family recipe by using local produce from the Saanich Peninsula to make meticulously crafted frozen desserts that are a delicate blend of local and international flavours. 

His gelato also features dairy-free and vegan options by using oat milk, maple syrup, and tara root. 

 Mosi Gelato

  • Hours: 9:30 a.m. – 9 p.m., 7 days a week
  • Location: #101 – 569 Johnson Street
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