(Photo by Brynn Feather Visuals/Facebook)

The panda who ran in Sunday’s GoodLife Marathon in Victoria is missing its head!

According to a social media post, the head of the panda costume worn by Super Pacers runner Ty Twung was not returned to him after he took it off for part of Sunday’s marathon.

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Exhausted from all the running, Twung took off the panda head at around the 27 or 28 km mark and a fellow runner offered to have his wife take the costume off his hands.

She was supposed to meet them at the finish line to return the panda head but unfortunately this meeting never happened.

As a member of Super Pacers, Twung participates in marathons and races across North America while dressed as a panda, and has another race in the US this coming weekend.

GoodLife Fitness Victoria Marathon has issued an appeal to the public to keep an eye out for this iconic panda head, in their efforts to return it to its rightful owner ASAP.

Although the costume remains missing as of the time of publication, an update on Facebook states that marathon organizers may have an unconfirmed panda head sighting.

If you have the missing head or know who does, contact GoodLife Fitness Victoria Marathon on Facebook.

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