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Victoria Police issued 74 distracted driving tickets in September


We hope you aren’t reading this while driving.

According to a release by Victoria Police, they issued 74 distracted driving tickets throughout the month of September. 

Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of death and injury on British Columbia roads.

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VicPD’s recent crackdown is part of a joint effort from the Ministry of Public Safety, Solicitor General, and ICBC to nab distracted drivers across the province.  

Throughout September, plain-clothes officers manned high-collision intersections and roadways in Victoria each week and worked alongside uniformed officers to pull over distracted drivers and issue them tickets for the offence. 

Here’s a breakdown of the most prevalent types of tickets issued:

  • 73 tickets for using an electronic device while driving
  • 6 violation tickets
  • 3 written warnings
  • 2 tickets for using an electronic device while driving in violation of a driver’s license restriction
  • 1 ticket for email/text while driving

As police continue to monitor the roads for distracted drivers, this has been your PSA to stay focused while driving!

Joel Brewster
Junior staff writer at Victoria Buzz. Have a story idea? Send it over: joel@victoriabuzz.com

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