(Screencap from video by Tannis Fillion/Facebook)

Four dogs were seen attacking and injuring a deer at Bear Mountain golf course on Saturday.

Tannis Fillion was walking her 6 month old dog along the trail next to the course when the dogs raced past her and started chasing a deer down the hill.

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The pack eventually drove the dear into a sandpit at the bottom of the hill, where they continued to attack and bite their prey.

In the video recorded by Fillion, she can be heard screaming for help for several minutes before the owners of the four dogs arrived.

Once they reached their pets, the man and woman took several minutes to gather up the dogs and get them away from the injured deer.

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According to an update later on, Fillion confirmed that the deer had to be put down due to a broken leg and other major injuries.

Police, BC SPCA and Wild ARC have been notified of the incident.

The fate of the dogs will be decided by the SPCA and the owners, if charged, may be fined up to thousands of dollars, depending on their level of cooperation.

*Disturbing video*Just a heads up to anyone who lives/hikes around Bear Mountain/Mount Finlayson to watch out for this pack of aggressive dogs. Last night around 7pm I was walking the gravel road beside the driving range with my 6 month old lab puppy when 4 dogs ran right in front of us (coming from mountain) chasing/jumping on/attacking a poor deer about the same size as them that continued to try and run away eventually running down the hill to the golf course where the dogs kept biting it/injuring it (as you can hear the helpless deers cry’s in the video). The owners were no where in sight so I was screaming to see if anyone was up the mountain. When they finally got their dogs on leashes the poor deer was panicking/panting and lied down injured in the sand pit not moving. The owner was an older foreign lady with a man who both clearly had absolutely no control of their dogs even when they got directly to them which took at least 5 minutes as the dogs ran away from them on the mountain. I informed the Bear Mountain staff as the man called the cops (CRA was closed) who I also spoke to in person when he arrived. I felt so in shock/sick/helpless as there was nothing I could do without putting me and my puppy in danger as no one else was around. It was absolutely awful and emotional to watch. As I was on my way back after informing the staff she was leaving getting the dogs out before the cop arrived and one of her dogs attacked my puppy (all on leash) making the whole pack worked up/get aggressive and she couldn’t control them at all. (My pups okay thank god) These dogs should clearly not be off leash with this pack mentality, next time it could be someone’s dog/kid…

Posted by Tannis Fillion on Saturday, October 5, 2019