Just one day after the announcement that Victoria will be providing free bus passes to people aged 12-18 years old, Craigslist users are attempting to benefit from the initiative.

Three separate ads have popped up over a span of two hours on Wednesday morning regarding youth bus passes in Victoria.

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One of them offers youth transit pass holders between $8 – $10 to sell their passes.

“Maybe you decided you did not need one, and you can’t return it for a refund. Maybe you got a cheap or free pass as part of some program. WE WILL PAY YOU CASH FOR IT,” reads the description.

Meanwhile, two other ads are offering to sell youth bus passes for December at a price of $25, which is $20 less than the price of youth passes for municipalities surrounding Victoria.

If successful, whoever is running these ads stands to make a profit of $15-$17 per ticket sold.

On Tuesday, Victoria Regional Transit Commission voted to provide free youth bus passes Victoria residents aged 12-18, who can pick their passes up at city hall free of charge once they show ID.

These passes come at a cost of $729,000, and are being paid for by Sunday parking in downtown Victoria. They will be valid until September 2020.

A permanent program to provide free bus passes to youth in Victoria will be devised by city staff in time to be implemented in September next year.

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