Screencap from video shared by Barcroft TV/Faceook

A startling wildlife encounter video that was taken in Lake Cowichan over 4 years ago has resurfaced on social media and been viewed nearly 700,000 times.

Posted on Facebook UK-based news agency, Barcroft TV, the video was originally taken by Rod Mizak during a camping trip on the island.

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According to the narrator, Mizak happened upon a cougar and wolf embroiled in an intense battle in the early hours of the morning in May 2015.

That’s when Mizak stepped out of his vehicle to get a closer look at the fight, and broke the wolf’s concentration on the battle at hand.

The moment’s distraction allowed the cougar the time it needed to clamp on to the wolf’s neck and hold on until the winner became clear.

See for yourself:

Bite Club: Cougar Vs Wolf In Fight To The Death

A COUGAR and a WOLF fight to the death in Vancouver, Canada

Posted by truly on Tuesday, March 19, 2019


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