(Pamela Anderson/Twitter)

Canadian-American actress Pamela Anderson has received backlash for cultural appropriation after posting photos of herself wearing an Indigenous headdress with the caption “Happy Halloween”.

The Vancouver Island-born celebrity shared these photos of herself on Twitter on October 31st, prompting many to comment on how the costume was racist and constituted cultural appropriation.

“Hi Pam, I am an Ojibwe woman and I would ask that you not treat indigenous peoples as costumes. We’re actual living people, not something for you to dress up as on Halloween,” reads one tweet.

Warbonnets are not props or accessories they’re sacred, they’re earned. Culture isn’t a costume, it’s not disposable, it’s not an aesthetic,” writes another user on the platform.

“This is degrading & insensitive to #MMIW due to hypersexualized imagery. In doning a headdress you’ve also participated in stolen valor.”

The tweet remains live on her account as of Monday, November 4th, and Anderson has acknowledge the backlash by simply posting a link to an article titled ‘The Illogic of Cultural Appropriation’.

, published on lawliberty.org, cites a Wikipedia article and personal opinions to argue that the idea of cultural appropriation is a juxtaposition to “essential aspects of the greatness of a free society.”