(West Shore RCMP)

West Shore RCMP have arrested a 23-year-old man for pulling a taser on an unsuspecting buyer in a Facebook Marketplace transaction.

On October 27th, the complainant reached out to police after attempting to exchange some items with an individual after connecting with them through Facebook Marketplace.

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The victim was expecting to swap some personal items for a gaming system owned by the suspect.

After they met up and conducted the exchange, the complainant realized that the box given to them did not contain the gaming system as promised.

When the victim went back to ask for their personal items back, the suspect brandished a long baton-shaped conducted energy weapon, or a kind of taser, at the victim.

“The suspect is alleged to have displayed the weapon, turning it on and intimidating the complainant,” says RCMP.

Fortunately, the victim was not injured.

One the incident was reported, police quickly located the suspect and arrested him for being in possession of a weapon dangerous to the public, and fraud.

According to Cst. Nancy Saggar, the weapon in question is not illegal to buy, and farmers are known to use it as a cattle prod.

In light of this incident, police are warning the public to be cautious when meeting people online to buy and sell items.

“It’s a good idea to pick a public location as a meeting point, preferably during the daytime hours. If you can, take a friend with you so you are not alone.”