West Shore RCMP have arrested 43-year-old Tomas Szalay for several counts of theft and fraud committed across Vancouver Island.

On November 4th, the suspect allegedly broke into a parked vehicle and stole two phones and a wallet left in the car.

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He was also charged with using credit and debit cards from the stolen wallet at a store near Duncan.

Video surveillance records helped police identify the suspect as Tomas Szalay and West Shore RCMP took over the investigation.

Szalay was known to police as a chronic offender who had been caught on surveillance multiple times conducting nearly $300 in fraudulent transactions.

He was located and arrested in Langford on November 8th, and has been charged with one count of theft, three counts of possession of stolen property, and two counts of fraud.

“Tracking down a suspect who is traveling from jurisdiction to jurisdiction committing crime is a challenging task,” said Cpl. Fred Ritchie.

“Our Crime Reduction Unit not only located the suspect within days of the offence, but also gathered individual pieces of evidence regarding fraud at various locations outside of the West Shore.