(Families Supporting CUPE 441/Facebook)

Schools in Saanich School District 63 will stay closed on Tuesday, November 12th as the support staff strike over wage disparity continues into its third week.

Talks between the school district and CUPE 441 broke down last Tuesday after three days of negotiations in which SD63 says they offered “the best deal possible”.

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The support staff workers’ union rejected this deal on the grounds that it would not get them wage parity with their counterparts in Victoria and Sooke.

However the school district says there is no more money on the table, and there will be no intervention from the provincial government.

As negotiations come to a stalemate, approximately 7,000 students are left in the lurch for the 11th school day in a row.

Last week, parents and community members of SD63 organized rallies and walked the picket lines alongside striking school staff to show solidarity.

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Organizers of the rally also created a petition to the government of BC, the Ministry of Education, and School District 63 to work outside the wage mandate, and provide wage parity for workers in Saanich schools.

This week, families supporting CUPE 441 will be picketing in front of the Saanich school district offices on Wednesday in hopes of catching the attention of board members.

This rally will take place between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. on Wednesday, November 13th at 2125 Keating Cross Road.

Picket lines at SD63 schools have remained active for over two consecutive weeks with no end in sight. Parents are encouraged to check the school district website regularly for updates.

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