(Big Pho Challenge at Pho Halong)

Think eating that whole bowl of Pho looks easy? Think again!

Pho Halong, a Vietnamese restaurant located in the Royal Oak Shopping Centre, has just launched a truly buzz-worthy challenge.

Anyone who can finish their massive 6 lb bowl of Pho in under 30 minutes will receive the meal – worth $40 – on the house PLUS a $100 gift card to use at the restaurant.

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Entry for this Big Pho Challenge costs $25. Participants must leave their bowl sparkling clean, and are not allowed to leave their table or take bathroom breaks for the duration of the challenge in order to qualify for the prize.

Around 20-25 people have entered the challenge after it was launched about a month ago, and a dozen have successfully completed it with time to spare!

One of the winners was local Instagram influencer, Dallas Harwood, more popularly known as VicFoodGuys, who devoured the six pound meal in just 15 minutes.

He and the other successful participants walked away with a $100 gift card for future visits to Pho Halong, along with their photo on the restaurant’s Big Pho Wall of Fame.

“We wanted it to be a challenge but not impossible, you know? We want people to succeed,” says Jen Leung, marketing/social media manager for Pho Halong.

The challenge is available between Monday and Thursday during lunch and dinner hours.


Pho Halong opened for business around two years ago, and have recently acquired chefs Hai and Kieu who are originally from Kiên Giang, Vietnam.

The married couple started working at the Royal Oak restaurant in spring 2019 after first spending 25 years cooking at Saigon Night Vietnamese Restaurant on Fort Street.

The owners of Pho Halong also own a host of other restaurants in Victoria including the Little Thai Place chain, Artisan Bistro, and Le Pho.

Pho Halong is located in the same establishment as one of the Little Thai Place restaurants which, while confusing at first, offers patrons the choice to mix and match cuisines.

“There are Thai chefs in one section of kitchen cooking for Little Thai Place, and Vietnamese chefs in another section for Pho Halong. The cool thing is that you can go there and order from either menu or both,” says Leung.

In early 2020, the owners are planning to expand Pho Halong into the Little Thai Place restaurant located at 1839 Cook Street.

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It’s rare to meat genuine people, and this past weekend, we had the pleasure of hosting a few local food enthusiasts who are as genuine as they get. Thank you so much for everyone who made it to our open house. For those who couldn’t make it down, we look forward to seeing you soon! Pro-tip: when you order your Pho, you can order your steak on the side and cook it to your liking 😉 #phohalong #saigonnight #victoriarestaurant #vietnamesefood #vietnamesecuisine #pho #ilovepho #noodlesoup #noodsnoodsnoods #lunchideas #lunchtime #dinnerideas #dineout #takeout #soupseason #asianfood #asiancuisine #freshfood #cleaneating #healthyeats #yyj #yyjeats #victoriabc #victoriaeats #topfoodnews #forkyeah #sotasty #dailyfoodfeed #devourpower

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Pho Halong

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    Sunday, 5 p.m. – 9 p.m.
  • Location: 4480 W Saanich Road