George Brewster
George Brewster a local WWII veteran. (Submitted)

Guest post by John Close and Andrew Langford

This week, John and Andrew of Obstacle Course had the pleasure of sitting down with WWII veteran George Brewster of Duncan for the conversation of a lifetime.

As a pilot, Brewster flew Spitfires in WWII and at 96, he’s still got the moves – he was dancing in the kitchen as they were setting up the gear.

His energy described as remarkable.

The trio talked for over two hours about Brewster’s experiences in the war without taking a break or sip of water.

He spoke with tenderness and love about his country and fellow friends he had lost in the great conflict.

“These ordinary people did extraordinary things. The heroism I saw all around me astonished me. It has lasted me a lifetime,” said Brewster.

We hope this episode introduces people to the heroes that sacrificed their lives so that we might live in freedom.

Lest we forget.

Listen to interview:

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Earlier this year, John Close teamed up with good friend, Andrew Langford, to create the now popular Island Podcast, Obstacle Course.

Inspired by the late Joseph Campbell’s, ‘Hero’s Journey’, they believe obstacles are essential to experiencing greater meaning and fulfillment. The duo have conducted over 40 interviews with a variety of people in order to learn their process for overcoming life’s challenges.

John and Andrew have interviewed Olympic athletes, world-renown speakers, symphonic conductors, business owners, moms, dads, 11-year-olds, 96-year-olds, drug addicts, undercover cops and many more.

Obstacle Course is available wherever you get your podcasts.


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