Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club/Facebook

An unlicensed Victoria cannabis dispensary on Johnson Street has been shut down following a raid by the BC community safety unit (CSU) and Victoria police.

On Thursday morning, products at Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club were seized by CSU and police, and employees were asked to stop selling products.

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The club was first created in 1996 and aims to help people living with incurable physical medical conditions by providing them with medicinal cannabis and cannabis-based products.

VCBC moved into their 826 Johnson Street storefront in 2001 and has thus far invited medicinal marijuana users to consume their product without stigmatization.

The business shared a livestream of the raid on their Facebook page this morning, followed by a call to action that invited all VCBC supporters to join them in protest.

“We need as many people to come down as possible. They’re taking medicine from patients at this moment and we need as many patients to come forward as possible,” says a woman recording a video on their Facebook page.

Employees and supporters of the store are planning to march to the Legislature to protest the closure.

Earlier this year, a CSU raid shut down all of the Trees Island Grown cannabis dispensary locations in Victoria.

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