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5 ways to give back to your community in Victoria this holiday season


The season of giving can often mean a lot of expensive gifts for family and friends. This time of year can lead to higher credit card bills and higher stress levels. 

Instead, here are 5 ways of giving back to the community this season and experience the true meaning of the season of giving. 

Focus on the furry ones in need

The Victoria branch of the BCSPCA is always looking for volunteers and foster homes for animals.

This time of year many shelters, like the Victoria Humane Society, are looking for warm blankets, pet food, toys, monetary donations, and coats for pets in need. 

Women In Need and Wear 2 Start are wonderful organizations to donate to that specifically support women in the community. Our Place Society is a great program to donate winter clothing to help those less fortunate stay warm and dry this season. 

Volunteer at a soup kitchen

Volunteering at a local food shelter is always a great idea during the holidays and throughout the year. Organizations like The Soup Kitchen or The Rainbow Kitchen in Victoria help provide nutritious and warm meals to those less fortunate. 

Other great ways of making sure that those in need are well-fed include running can food drives or donating healthy foods to organizations such as the Mustard Seed.

You can even go one step further and volunteer to help organizations sort and take inventory of all their donated food. 

Clean up a beach

Want to do something great for the environment this season? Local branches of organizations like Surfrider organize many events such as beach cleanups to give back to mother nature. 

While we all love to receive gifts during the holidays, it’s just as fun to give presents to our loved ones. Many do not get to have that joy of unwrapping a gift and that is where CFAX Santa’s Anonymous comes in.

Donate toys and clothing for children during their annual drive to make sure everyone has something to unwrap this Christmas. 

For other volunteer opportunities or events that need help check out Volunteer Victoria.

Stephanie Brown
Freelance writer for Victoria Buzz

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