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Canadians can now share opinions about their cell phone services with the CRTC


Do you have thoughts and feelings about your mobile phone plan? 

The Canadian government would like to hear from you now. 

Since February 2019, the CRTC — Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, an official branch of the Canadian government — has been reviewing the state of Canada’s mobile wireless services. 

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As of December 3rd, they’ve opened that review up to the public with an online survey aimed at finding out how Canadians feel about their phone plans. 

The survey is operated by Phoenix Strategic Perspectives, an Ottawa-based independent research firm, and ends on December 31st. 

Within it, participants can answer questions about how much data their phone plan provides, how satisfied they are with their cell phone provider, and how likely they are to switch to a new provider in the near future. 

The CRTC survey also asks users about dropped calls, dead zones, upload/download speeds, and how they view Canada’s cell phone options in relation to other countries. 

While the survey closes in December, submissions to the greater review are accepted until March 23rd, 2020. After that, the CRTC will release their findings and perhaps begin to change the state of the mobile services industry in this country. 

Canada has long-been an outlier when it comes to cell phone prices. An October 2019 report from Rewheel/research, a Finnish company, found that Canada had the second highest price per gigabyte out of any OECD or European countries. 

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