(Jordie Benn and his Christmas gift / Twitter)

Every mother out there believes the health and safety of her kids is paramount, and it looks like mom of NHL’s Benn brothers is no different!

Imagine their surprise when Jamie Benn – who is currently captain of the Dallas Stars – and his brother Jordie – who most recently joined the Vancouver Canucks’ roster – opened their respective gifts on Christmas Day, to find none other than a shiny pair of matching visors!

Clearly looking to take a well-aimed slap shot at her two sons who decidedly do not wear visors on their helmets while they play on NHL ice, Heather Benn took her chance to voice her opinion on such – and the brothers seemed to receive the gifts well, with a healthy mix of surprise and laughter.

According to Sportsnet, the Benn duo is a part of the less than 30 players in the NHL who do not sport this important piece of safety equipment – although it was a rule as of the 2013-14 season that all players must wear a visor while playing on NHL ice, players who were a part of the organization prior to this have a “grandfather clause”.

Jamie and Jordie have obviously taken advantage of the above clause, meanwhile mama bear has finally said enough is enough and taken safety into her own hands – literally!

The real question is – will we see the pair sporting their Christmas gear in the New Year?!

Check out the video below for the big visor reveal (and gifts of the year!):

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