The City of Victoria has announced the construction of four new bike lane corridors for the next phase of their network starting early 2020.

As a part of this project, staff have proposed changes to the Kings-Haultain, Government Street North, Kimta Road, and Richardson Street corridors.

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Preliminary design concepts have been revealed for the public to review before they submit feedback to the city at

According to the City of Victoria website, all responses will be considered when staff submit their final design recommendations to council in early 2020.

(City of Victoria)

A bike lane is proposed for the Kings-Haultain corridor where none exists currently, and would stretch from Government Street to Richmond Road.

For this stretch of road, the city is considering a “Neighbourhood Bikeway” design which would see motor vehicles and bicycles share the road after staff install specific signage.

The Government Street North project would stretch from Pandora Avenue to Gorge Road.

The design for this stretch of the network would shrink the existing four traffic lanes – two motor vehicle lanes and two bike lanes – into three.

Staff would then install a one-way protected bike lane buffered against vehicle traffic by a section of on-street parking. A dedicated left turn lane would also be added to the road.

Meanwhile, Richardson Street would see new bike lanes added between Vancouver Street and Foul Bay Road.

Staff propose to transform this stretch of road into a shared vehicle traffic and bicycle infrastructure where no bike lane currently exists.

Finally, a proposal for the Kimta Road corridor would add bikes lanes from Tyee Road to Catherine Street.

Design options for this stretch include a two-way protected bike lane on the north side of Kimta Road, or one-way protected bike lanes on either side of the street.

Those who wish to provide feedback on these concepts can do so by sending an email to

Alternative, Victoria residents can also attend one of the city’s upcoming Open Houses on the subject.

They are scheduled for December 5th at 4 p.m. at the Bayview Place Presentation Centre at 80 Saghalie Road, and on December 7th starting at 9 a.m.