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A new batch of cannabis products, including edibles and topicals, are now available to consumers in British Columbia.

The Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB), B.C.’s only government wholesale distributor of non-medical cannabis, has made over 260 new products available to private and public retailers throughout the province.

In a press release, the LDB says consumers can expect to see those items on store shelves by late December. 

“A lot of work has gone into procuring these products, and we look forward to working with our suppliers as they continue to introduce new products to market,” said Blain Lawson, LDB’s general manager and CEO, in a statement.

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As of December 18th, there are now a host of new categories including “Dried,” “Edibles,” “Inhalable Extracts,” “Ingestible Extracts,” and “Accessories” on the BC Cannabis Stores website.

These products are available to retailers and customers alike, and a sales representative from The Original FARM told Victoria Buzz that they will have a variety of new products in on Christmas Eve.

However, the selection will be severely limited to only a dozen or so baked good items, good for approximately 20 minutes’ worth of sales.

He also stated that customers can expect a more robust selection of new products by early January.

New products available: 

  • Beverages, such as carbonated and non-carbonated drinks, tea bags, oils and powders
  • Products intended to be eaten, such as chocolate, cookies, soft chews and mints
  • Vaporizers and cartridges
  • Other extracts, such as shatter and hashish (Victoria Buzz note: Oils and capsules have been reclassified as “Extracts” with the introduction of new products)
  • Topicals, defined as cannabis-infused products intended to be applied to the hair, skin or nails

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